Lesser Kinetic

       Lesser Kinetics are indivduals with heightened senses and ablilitites to perceive reality in a manner not accessable to other persons. Historally, there are numerous peronalities who could see future events like Nostrodamus, as well as, peer into the past.

     In present times, these persons are refered to a mediums, (Although, lessers cannot actually speak to the dead). Several Law enforcamet agencies have called upon the services of the persons whan a case leads them nowhere; several with insight that has moved the case forward and solved.

   In the World of the Kinetic, the Lesser ability is the foundational ability. It is from this genetic template, that the other abilites can trace their origins during the Colony Project.

     When engaging a lesser in a social environment, most appear to have a far away look in their eyes, as if focusing on a point somewhere else. This leads to the perception that Lessers are aloof or detatched from social connections; however, that is not the case at all. Rather, it is a trait of thier abilities and they must make effort and practice to appear engaged in thier social setting.

    As a combatant, the Lesser is a dangerous foe. Although they cannot use thier ability to affect the environment; thier heightened senses allow them to process events much more quickly than the average person, perceving time as slowing , as their reactions, begin to also speed up to match their perceptions. A skilled lesser cannot only dodge a bullet, but could, if armed with a weapon, parry the bullets.

     However, their ability can drain the body and take a toll on the mind; because of the ability to see events around them differently, most Lessers begin to develop a sense of Paranoia, as they can see future and the past that sometimes leads them to believe the world is against them. Doctor Warren Grady noted. "Out of all the outcomes, a Lesser cannot perceive his own death; a sort of self perservation protocal to prevent Psychological truama to the Lesser." 

So it may seem on the surface a Lesser is harmless; the title is a mis-classification of the ability its self.

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