Kinetic Basics

Gamemasters are like comedians; if something's good, steal it, (I meant, borrow, borrow it). And all of us have watched a movie, read a book, or a comic. Seen something online and thought to ourselves, I would love to add that into my setting or that would be a great place to throw my players and wreck havoc.


      For me, all the stories of persons who were just slightly above the norm,as well as, NCIS  were the inspiration for the World of the Kinetic. The interaction between character and and the dealing with something outside the norm has always appealed to me, so i wanted a more real world setting. So let's get to the nitty gritty: 


      Kinetisim is the extra edge above normal persons. It gives an advantage in otherwise, normal, challenging situations.

      Most persons with the markers for Grady's syndrome or Kinetisim, are not even aware they have the affliction; for them, life is pretty normal and uneventful.

      Most symptoms,(affinity and possibly powers) usually manifiest at puberty. So let's look at the stages of Grady's Syndrome.

Stage One,Affirmation:

      In D6 terms, this is repersented by an attribute die code; note for every two whole die in the attribute the character gains another affinity.(d20'ers this is based off a feat called Kinetic positivity, attribute Constitution as this is based on a person's genetic code; SW saga fans are already familiar with this kind of feat, but unlike SW, can be chosen again; see below.)

      This represents you have the markers for kinetisim, but nothing has been displayed.(over 90% of the population of Kinetics, are at this stage).

Stage Two,Affinity:

       In D6, the player can use their skill die to allocate the skill code to their Affinity (this is an advanced skill and cost double to invest in; for every whole die in the type, the character gains a power that acts a normal skill.

(borrowing the Saga rules again, for d20'ers, this is the second feat called Kinetic ability, which allows you 1 plus one power per constitution modifier)

      This now begins to show from which of the ten types the abilities will come from.

(Usually, at puberty this will manifest; yet most will not notice The subtle clues to their affinity, hence the 90%).

      The types: from most common to rare.

The Lesser-kinetic: these individuals have hightened senses, allowing them to object read, see into the past or future, or sense emotions. (these individuals do not manipulate the environment, but are still deadly).


The Bio-kinetic: these individuals were master's of their bodies able to increase their base attributes, rapidly heal themselves and others and so on, (Deadpool is the ultimate Biokinetic.)


The Psycho-kinetic: these individuals can affect, control and influence minds. (these are not the droids you are looking for.)


The Tele-kinetic: these individuals affect matter on a gross level and can manipulate it with a thought.(their powers also work to manipulate synthetic materials, a plastic bender?)


The Electro-kinetic: these individuals can maniplate energy on the gross level.

(Natural Shadow runners)


The Aqua-kinetic (water)

The Pnumo-kinetic (air)

The Pryo-kinetic (fire)

The Terra-kinetic (earth)

Known as the elementists, these individual ate able to affect one of the four elements.(too many example to list)


And finally:

The Para-kinetic: these individuals deal with spirits and the dead, necomancy if You Will. (so yes, it is possible to have a localized zombie apocalypse in the World of the Kinetic)

      Now, given there are over 100 basic powers,(10 for each type and not counting the unique ones players evolved) I will have to post that at a later date.

But let look at how a power works. (Because some of you are real crafty and don't need a list, just a foundation)

      So how does a basic power work, simple.

Player A. an Aqua,wants to summon and sling a snowball at player B. (yes this actually happened) 

 He rolls his "Snowball" skill, for every 5 points he rolls, the "snowball" does 1D6 damage, (this works in the d20 rules the same way using the d6 for damage also)

      Rolling a ten, he has summoned a 2d6 "snowball" (and if you've ever been hit with a snowball packed with ice, you can see how real this can get).

     After the "snowball" is summoned, then a normal range attack is made, suffering the multi action penalty. (ok, wait, a lot of D20 games, kinda don't allow that kind of extra actions or you gotta be a certain class to get a bonus action or you have to keep track of your types of actions You used, so on and so forth).

      Don't worry, see in the D20 systems, use of a power is an action to use, But players use the Use Ability roll as the attack roll, kind of a d20 perk, but the roll still exceed the Defense/ AC of the the target. 

      In D6, the target resists the Damage; with D20, a save can be made to for 1/2 damage. Static defenses, 1/2 damages or roll is under the Defense score.

     Gamemaster can modify these concepts to best for their play style.



Now the see below part,(thought I'd forgot)

Here's where it gets intresting:

    The only time a player chooses their Kinetisim is at character creation, beyond that, the results are always random, this represents the varied traits a person has that are not yet tapped. 

     This also means, anyone who is playing an established character and chooses for the character to have a Kinetisim, does not get the option of choosing, but must randomly roll, as this represents the uncertainty of the human genome.



Kinetisim is not natural, so everyone with an ability have a drawback to their power (sorry, nothing is free.)

Possible ones are: 

Blackouts (1), in D6, every time a "1" is rolled on the wild die, the character falls helpless for one turn (in D20, a saving throw is made or a constitution save of 15+, dependant on the rules used)

Vulnerability (2): in D6, the character suffers a -5 to resist damage, (on D20, character suffers an extra die of damage.)

Moral code(3): character will not use power to harm anyone. 

Mental instability(2+): the more affinities a character has the more likely a Mental affliction will affect them, a greater chance if the affinities are opposing.

The number (#) being the bonus skill die a charcter gets for the draw back, and should be offset with Perks.

Now D20 systems don't use such traits, but I like to encourage them. As a bonus, charcters who gain a drawback shold be allowed to add a +2 to a skill of their choice, (or multiple skills if the drawback has a higher rank). This allows players to create unique facets of their characters.

     When looking for disadvantages or advantages, don't bbw afraid to look beyond your game system, for me, Star Trek, the Next generation by Unicorn,Games (out of business, might be found on line) started me. 

Even, the LOTRS Coda  system,has some great ideas and the Coda rules can be found online as well.


On a side note:

I'd like to extend a thanks to my wife, Hope, whose Birthday's this week

You see, I get to do the easy part, which is write! Lol

But Hope put on a lot of effort, running games of her own, with researching and helping out putting the Book together, even approving the cover.

Sometimes we think of the writer acting alone. But nothing is further from the truth.

So with love, Thank you, sweetheart for the support and effort as well.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this, until next time.


Next week, my list of the basic or most common encountered powers for Kinetics.


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Kinetic Basics Continued

      After playing several campaigns in various game settings and with different rules systems, I noticed several abilities began to become present and appeared in alot of these stories.

     The Kinetic powers are influened by all those experiances and so the task of bringing them into a more simplified format was my goal. I wanted players to have a simple, fun way to be an extra ordinary character with a freedom to build upon the basics and become more innovative with their abilities (which has led to a whole new level of creative thought when it came to powers and this with the single Kinetic, multi-kinetics have an even more warped way of solving problems).

So let's look at the list:

Aqua-Kinetic: The Water Manipulator


Control water/ice: basic manipulation of water/ice, allowing the kinetic to alter the environment.


Alter state: is able to shift water into a different state of matter, surrounding their melee weapon in a hard shell.


Freeze object: is able to flash freeze an object.


Armor of Ice: creates a suit of protection.


Saturate Object: is able to drench an object from the moisture in the air.


Water Minion: creates creature of water. 


Water shield: creates barrier of total protection around kinetic


Water/ Ice travel: able to travel on a cloud or path of ice.


Icicle Volley: creates a missile attack of dagger-like slivers of Ice.


Tidal wave: creates an area effect attack by slamming a wall of water into foes.


Drown person: instantly fill target’s lungs with fluid, causing them to gasp for air.




Bio-kinetic: The Body Manipulator


Accelerate Heal: can heal the body before the natural heal time.


Accelerate Another’s Heal: can heal the body of another before the natural heal time.


Control Disease: can lessen the effects of diseases.


Control Another’s Disease:  can lessen the effects of diseases in others.


Control pain: can ignore injury penalties and act normally.


Control another’s pain: can help another ignore injury penalties and act normally.


Detoxify Poison:  can neutralize toxins introduces into the body.


Detoxify another’s poison: can neutralize toxins introduces into the body of another.


Enhance attribute: able to augment beyond the natural.


Pain touch: causes pain in target


Injure touch: able to cause wounds to open with a touch.




Electro-kinetic: The Energy Manipulator


Stun touch: can knock-out target with a touch,


Electro-touch: give a shocking grasp;


Electronic Manipulation: can repair and access electronic devices,


Electro-bolt: a missile attack of crackling orbs or streaks of lighting


Invisibility: is able to bend light rays around self.


Energy shield:  creates a barrier of total protection;


Blinding Flash: can hamper opponents by discharging a brilliant light from palm.


illuminate object: cause an object to radiate light.


Absorb Energy: can draw in electrical impulses to self.


Disable electronics: can shut down devices with a thought.


Current travel: is able to travel on an arc of lighting.




Lesser-kinetic: The Non-Manipulator


Clairvoyance/Clairaudience: able to see/ hear over great distances; only in the present.


Life sense: able to sense Friendly persons over great distances.


Danger sense: able to react to unexpected danger,


Combat sense: able to enhance combat skills.


Post-cognition: able to see and hear into the past.


Pre-cognition: able to see and hear into the future.


Sense Extra-normal: able to detect super-natural Persons, Places, or Objects.


Empathy (Receptive)/Empathy (Projective):  able to feel other’s emotions or is able to cause others to feel a desired emotion.


Receptive Telepathy: is able to hear the thoughts of others.




Pnumo-kinetic The Wind Manipulator


Control wind: basic manipulation of air allowing the kinetic to alter the environment.


Purify air: able to remove toxins from the air.


Hurl object: able to toss a Hand-sized object on an air current;


Gale Armor: creates a suit of protection.


Levitate object: can raise an object on a current of air.


Wind Minion: creates creature of Air


Gale shield: creates barrier of total protection;


Air travel: can travel on a current of air.


Cone of air: a missile attack of Hyper accelerated concentrated  wind


Updraft: can toss a person/ object skyward;


Tornado: creates a gust of wind that pummels the enemy.




Psycho-kinetic: The Mind Manipulator


Telepathy: able to communicate by thought.


Read mind: is able to read surface or deep thoughts of a person.


Affect mind: is able to distort perceptions or memories.


Control Mind: is able to totally control a person


Delusion: is able to plant a false belief about reality.


Hallucination: is able to create false perceptions.


Cause seizure: person drops into convulsions


Forced slumber: can cause target to sleep.


Invisibility: can make target to believe Kinetic is not able to be seen.


Mindwipe: can make target forget a skill temporarily or an interval of time permanently.


Cause mental disorder:  makes target to become mentally ill.




Pyro-kinetic: The Flame Manipulator


Flame blade: able to create a melee weapon of fire. 


Control flame: basic manipulation of fire allowing the kinetic to alter the environment.


Ignite object:  cause object to burst into flame.


Flame armor: creates a suit of protection.


Heat object: can raise the temperature of an object up to the flash point.


Fire minion: creates creature of Flame


Flame shield: creates barrier of total protection.


Fire travel: is able to travel on a column of flame.


Missiles of Flame: a missile attack of fanning flame.


Fireball: creates an area effect attack by engulfing enemies in Fire.


Ignite person: instantly cause a person to combust.




Tele-kinetic: The Environment Manipulator


Levitate self/Levitate another:  can make Own Body can or another go up or down.


Fly self: can travel by use own power to move self.


Molecular manipulation: is able to affect matter at the sub-atomic level.


Hurl object: able to toss a Hand-sized object on a telekinetic thrust;


Hold person:  can immobilize an individual;


Crush object: cause object to burst under pressure;


Particle shield: creates barrier of total protection;


Make another fly: can travel by use own power to move another.


Projected fighting: able to fight at a distance as long as line of sight is maintained.


Crush person: instantly cause a person to compress under great force.




Terra-kinetic: The Earth Manipulator


Tremor: cause a minor earthquake.


Control mineral: basic manipulation of earth allowing the kinetic to alter the environment.


Decay object: object crumbles to dust.


Stone armor:  creates a suit of protection.


Rust/ tarnish object: 


Stone minion:  creates creature of Rock;


Earth shield: creates barrier of total protection;


Stone travel: able to travel to on a wave of rock.


Rain of Pebbles:  creates a missile attack of hurling stone


Fissure: able to open a fan of cracks in the earth


Stalagmite: sends up a column of rock to pierce the foe. 




Para-kinetic: The Spirit Manipulator


Speak with Dead: is able to converse with the deceased.


Animate Dead: can make a corpse act independent


Conjure Dead: is able to summon inanimate corpses allowing the kinetic to alter the environment.


Spirit armor: creates a suit of protection.


Spirit blade: able to create a melee weapon of Spirit;


Poltergeist: creates creature of Spirit;


Control dead: can make a corpse act as an extension of the Kinetic;


Touch of Death: can drain Life and transfer to Kinetic;


Spirit travel: is able to travel on the souls of the dead.


Spirit wrack: creates an area effect attack of soul ripping power;


Slay living: rips the spirit of a person causing them extreme suffering;


Raise dead: call back a spirit to a body.


       One may note that several powers have the same fuction but the manner they manifest are different, so it possible for a Terra kinetic to mimic a Flame blade however, made of stone instead of fire.

        The opens up a wide range of possibilitites and creative use. Multi-Kinetics can even combine powers creating new ones not listed; this, expanding the range further.

      And that is the goal, to allow GM's and Players to become more free to use abilitites without having to get too bogged down. After all, the point is to have a great time and not a rules debate.

I hope you have enjoyed this.

Until Next Week.

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Of Wizards and Kinetics

There have always been wizards. From the tales of the ancient Egyptians who served the Pharaohs, to the Mysterious Merlin and the Druids of old to even the more modern wizards like Nicolai Tesla. Those who held obscure knowledge or demonstrated the understandings of the world and universe beyond; whose ability amazed and inspired fear in those who came into their presence.


It is in these roots, the Wizards of my world, Kazadin-Moria (5th Ed), as well as, the World of the Kinetic (Several rules systems), have generated from and become a force to be acknowledged. It is to Kazadin-Moria, we travel first to look at the wizards, who they are and where they come from.


The people of Kazadin-Moria reside in a great expanse of land covered in Forests to the South; Mountains to the North and sweeping plains in the central mass. The Landscape is dotted with City States rather than Kingdoms proper, as the wars of old have crumbled the Empires of the Ancient Days leaving large regions uncontrolled by nobility or sovereignty. It at a couple of these City states, we will look at the wizards who emerge to influence the land.


The City State of Cannisis: (Location: West coast of Kazadin-Moria. Population: Human)


Ruled by the King, Evenstat III, this city state hosts the Royal Collage of Magic within its walls; the wizards are not just given tutelage in the Magical Arts, but also in Protocol, Diplomacy and Politics to better serve the King and the City state.  These wizards are formal on manner and speech; most are from the noble families of Cannisis. Yet, some common born, with exceptional wit or aptitude are granted admission into the Collage.


But this is still a Royal collage. King Evenstat I, wishing to secure his throne and position, has decreed a limit to what the wizards can be educated in; spending resources, in insuring the more mundane skills are focused upon and the Magical Arts are taught to a certain level of power.  Thus the Wizards of the Cannisis Collage can only learn spells the Royal Educators are permitted to teach (Players do not choose their spell lists as they advance and evocation spells are strictly monitored). Education beyond that is forbidden except with the written permission of the King (This current King had yet to issue one). Those seeking greater knowledge or power must leave Cannisis to gain what they wish to obtain. Those currently studying at the Collage must swear loyalty to the King until they graduate (level 5) and then can choose to remain in service of the City state(Multi classing into a non-Barbarian martial class)  or depart for lands unknown. By decree of the King, Quitting the Collage is punishable by death, as he views the rejection of his gift of education as the most serious affront.


Although the Wizards of Cannisis seem weak compared to other World counterparts with their restrictions; The Wizards of Cannisis are never without want, as they are paid to serve the King, gaining a 5 Gold piece salary per month per Level of the Wizard and access to the most diverse magical of items with a Royal discount of 10% to the cost.


Wizards of Cannisis are encouraged to adventure during their time in the Collage; however, any treasure found must be surrendered to the Collage, as these Wizards are paid by the Crown to find such things. If the journey was exceptionally difficult; the Wizard may be granted 10% share of the found treasure and possible an item (If one or more were found).


In the World, The Cannisis wizard is viewed with scorn as the attitude of the wizard is one of superiority. Their education is a mark of distinction and they know it. With just a simple turn of a phrase, a Cannisis Wizard has been known to incite a Tavern riot only to display their Magical expertise. To travel with a Cannisis Wizard is to court trouble, coupled with ridicule and distain from the wizard. But even they learn, some quicker than others, that their superiority only goes so far before they realize a faithful ally is just as important as magic.




The City State of Arrborresh: Location: Southern Forest of Glenmora, Population: Sylvan)


Within the thick canopies of the dense foliage of this temperate forest is home to the Elven race who call themselves, Glenmorians. All Glenmorians are born with the magic in them, yet most chose not to tap their potential, finding the use of their natural ability for Cantrips to be just useful enough (having one per Intelligence Modifier).


However, those that chose to follow the path of True Magic are viewed as undertaking the noblest cause. Magic is the life force of the Glenmorian and those who study it are not just learning a Magical art; they are on a path to enlightenment. They are seen as those who can see past the world and into the Fey wild, where the Ancients live. It is being in tune with this realm, the Glenmorian is drawing power and strength.  Those who reach the pinnacle of their craft find the need to depart from their people and enter the thick wood, not to be seen by mortal eyes again as they become so attuned with Magic, they ascend into the Fey Wild, ready to impart their knowledge to the next generation.


Outsidethe borders of Arrborresh, stands the Great Ruby Tower. Legend has it, this is the place the Ancients descended and touched the world, bringing Life to the Elves and as the number of the elves grew, so did the height of the crystal until it became a tower of magnificent proportions. It is in these hallowed walls, the Glenmorian learns to hear the whispers of the arcane voice of old, empowering them.


Glenmorian wizards live a life of simplicity versus other wizards, preferring to travel on foot and follow where the magic leads them. Surviving on wit and cunning, while traveling with what they can carry. Upon return from their sojourns, they return to the tower to share what they have experienced with each other and the Ancients.


In the World, Glenmorian wizards are met with curiosity; as the general population of Kazadin-Moria have rarely seen one (As opposed to other classes of Glenmorians) as they bear no markings of allegiance or House, as well as, they are the most sociable of all Glenmorians (After all magic resides everywhere and comes in many forms). 


To travel with a Glenmorian wizard is like traveling with a likable mentor; one who will teach you in the ways of the ancients; yet able to laugh loudly and truly at your dumb jokes. A defender of friends and allies, the Glenmorian wizard will use all means needed to preserve the life of those they hold dear.


This brings us to the modern day wizard; the Kinetic. (Location: Planet Earth Population: do I really need to explain?)


 The Kinetic can be of any nationality or ethnic group and conform to the social norms around them. In fact, they are no different than you or I. You could sit next to a person with Kinetic ability and never know it and this is how the Kinetic likes it. They do not have formal schools or training centers; theirs is a craft of trial and error.


The average Kinetic as the same goals and aspirations as their non-kinetic counterparts and thus most do not think in terms of adventure, world domination or epic plans. In fact, most still look at the world with normal eyes, with stunted or petty plans compared to the power they possess.


Individuals with Kinetisim can command the very elements, the mind, body, spirit and so forth and each secretly fears the Affliction will overtake them, as their power places unnatural stress on the psyche. And therefore, they want to be as common and out of sight as possible.


Now, unlike the True wizard, the Kinetic is not supposed to have this power; rather it is a created gene from just a few generations ago, that, over time has spread. Thus a kinetic, dependant on type, will begin to display signs and symptoms from that strain in the following ways should they continually use their abilities on a daily basis. So most kinetic do not tap their power unless no other means can deal with the issue. As seen below, will begin to affect their day to day existence and threaten their survival. Does this mean all avoid the madness? No; some embrace the disorder, a small price to pay for absolute power. This Kinetic abuse the power, for their gain, delight or to send a message to everyone, but not all messages are political.




Will believe the individuals are out to harm them



Will stop at every opportunity to admire themselves, even in combat



Will manifest a personality that is in opposition to the main personality


Bi-polar disorder

Will (1-3) enter into a manic phase; talking fast and becoming reckless or (4-6) enter into a depressive stage and desire to do nothing, not even defend themselves



Will just act without regard to consequences



Will attempt to dominate the group and subjugate them to worship them


Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Will stop and continue the last action performed prior to the Kinetic use.



Will act independent of the others, regardless if the action is legal or safe.



Will attempt to pick pocket the others or steal when opportunity arise.


Homicidal Tendencies

Will attempt to sneak away and kill an innocent victim.




In the World of the Kinetic, a Kinetic is viewed with suspicion; it the disorder contagious? Will this person suddenly snap? Once it is known a person is a Kinetic, most relationships begin to disintegrate as the underlying fear of them drives persons away. A Kinetic wants to have normal relationships and seek persons who may accept them.


Traveling with a Kinetic can be an interesting time, as although they have full control of their ability, some trace hint of their affinity is present. A sudden cold spot, an unexplainable breeze, the scent of smoke and so on. Leading to some strange occurrences to friends, who may or may not be aware of the event. If the other person can deal with these phenomenons, then, they have just made a friend for life.




I hope you have enjoyed this segment and thank you for reading, until next time.


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