Tolkkin and Kinetisim

I'm sure all of us will admit JRR Tolkkin was the definitive influence on all of us (anyone who says otherwise, is lying through their teeth) Ha!

As we set out to really define the World of the Kinetic,the idea of Kinetisim and how it manifests in the world became a forefront issue.

We didn't want a comic book sort of flashy look, rather, like Tolkkin, we wanted Kinetisim to be present. To underlie the world, to know it's presence, without saturating or over using Kinetisim that the wonder or terror was lost.

With that in mind, we created a real world, a World that you can see from the window or as you pass through your everyday life. A world that each of us could truly look around and wonder, as unexplained events occur everyday, that we would question: it that s product of random chance or was there something more about those involved than first perceived?

This is our world, that even as we advance technologally, there are still things we cannot explain with certainty. That there are still things to marvel about.

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Next week: the players behind the characters and the novel

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From behind the screen to front.

Back in 2001, an idea was born.Given that money was always scarce, my wife, Hope and I, who have enjoyed role playing for many years, decided we should move from the traditional fantasy gendre to a more modern setting. We wanted something futuristic but still recognizable, so originally the year was 2119. We created a dark world of intrigue and espionage, as well as, laced the world with an extraordinary element. As we progressed through the campaign adventure, I began to wonder: How did the world really get to this point?

Although I was enjoying creating the scenarios for Hope, my sons and friends who joined, in the back of my mind that question burned.

This I brought the 2119 story arc to a conclusion and began to back step in the history.

How did the greatest threat come to bring? That is what pondered, before hitting the solution with a simple answer...with one person.

Hope began to develop the character, Renee Mason, while I worked on retro fitting the current world. So after a few hours of gameplay, ' On the Edge of Fire' was born.

The novels to follow are also those stories we have enjoyed playing through and thought it best to share with others.

It is my hope that those who have their own experiances, will share theirs with me.

Thanks for reading

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There have always been, soothsayers, prophets, and mystics for untold generations.

As history adavanced, so too did those with abilities, not explanible by rational means. Several persons and goverments sought to utilize those talents for personal gain and for military appication. During the Cold War, the race to create the super spy lead to the funding of several projects, to tweak the genes of such persons to create long distance operative. To gather intelligence without leaving their home country.

In the 1960's the Space Race changed the focus on this projects with the purpose of sending people to the Moon and beyond.

Experinments and work continued through the 70' and in the early 80's, the nation's of the world created the 'Colony project'. A project designed to make those soon to be traveller more adaptiable to the harsh environment of off world life.

Forming a World Confederation, planet Earth in the early 90's sent their bravest sons and daughters to the stars.

The year is 2077, planet Earth is now recovering from a War with the colonies, that left huge tracks of land barren and irradiated. The population now moving to larger Metropolitan areas as technology has slowed in advance and stepped backward.

And underlying this is Grady's Syndrome, a disorder that now effects an unknown number of the people, people who like the days of old might be soothsayers, prophets,mystics and miracle workers. They may be the salvation or damnation of planet Earth.

This is the World of the Kinetic.

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